Clipart and Digital Papers Terms of Use

Please note we do not license or sell the rights to any of our designs. All rights are retained by Erin Bradley and the copyright remains with Erin Bradley. By purchasing these designs you are being granted permission to use the graphic(s) in your personal & small handmade business projects. The copyright doesn't transfer to the buyer and you may not resell or share any of the files. These permissions are not transferrable and cannot be sold to a third party.

Commercial use is restricted to small, handmade companies only (i.e. selling on etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, your own website, craft shows, etc.).

Acceptable Commercial Use

You must incorporate the graphics into your overall design unless you are selling stickers or nail art. These are the only two circumstances where graphics can be printed and resold as is.

Printed & Digital Paper Goods: You may use the graphics in invitations, stationery, party printables, photo cards, monthly baby tees, organizers, planners, teacher's resources, classroom materials and similar items. Digital files must be flattened and sold in PDF or JPG formats.

Graphic Design: You may use the graphics in graphic design/branding services such as logo designs, etsy shop sets, made-to-match services and to create branding/marketing materials for both yourself and your clients.

Web/Blog Design: You may use the graphics in web/blog designs and branding for both yourself and your clients.

Teachers Pay Teachers: You may use the graphics for products sold on TpT and similar websites as long as digital files are flattened and sold in PDF or JPG formats.

Planner Stickers & Nail Art: You may use the graphics for planner stickers and nail art wraps without incorporating anything extra into the design.

Personalized Apparel/Fabric Items: Personalized shirts, baby tees, blankets, tote bags etc. are OK as long as you are ONLY selling these in your own shop, website, or on etsy. Apparel/Fabric items are NOT permitted to be resold to larger retail shops or sold wholesale under any circumstances.

Unacceptable Commercial Use

This is just a partial list of the ways the graphics cannot be used. If your project does not fall under one of the acceptable categories please contact us or assume the graphics cannot be used.

Apparel and Fabric Items: Personalized items are OK under the circumstances listed above. All other items are not allowed at this time.

Publications & eBooks: Not allowed

Smartphone & Tablet Apps: Not allowed

Digital Collage Sheets: Personal use is allowed, reselling with commercial use is not allowed

CU Digital Scrapbooking: Not allowed

Selling in Clipart & Digital Paper Sets: Not allowed

Commercial Use Credit & "No Credit Required" Packages

Credit is required for commercial use unless "no credit required" has been purchased. You can credit the graphics back with the following:

"Graphics © Erin Bradley |"

This must be noted wherever the product is being sold (etsy listings, website listings, etc.).

We now offer several no credit bundles for designers who would prefer not to credit the artwork back. You can find those packages here: Commercial Use with No Credit Required

You may not copyright the artwork in any way, shape or form. We do not authorize copyright use for derivative work.

System Requirements

You are responsible for having the ability to unzip/extract the zip file your order will come in. On PC's you can usually right click on the zip and go to "extract all." On a Mac you can double click to open it up. Please note if this isn't done before you try to use the graphics you may get an error message.

You will also need design software that supports PNG & JPG files and have the know how to use your program. We recommend Adobe Creative Cloud. If you are unsure whether or not your software will work please download a freebie to try first. If you are new to design and unsure how to use the graphics we recommend looking up tutorials online and watching videos on You Tube. There are some great resources out there!


Please note colors may vary between what you see on your screen and what prints out. All monitors display color differently and all printers print differently. We are unable to calibrate any colors to work specifically with your printer or change any colors/shades on the designs. Please take this info consideration when placing your order.

Coupon Codes

In the event of a sale, any active coupon codes must be entered at the time of purchase to be applicable. We cannot refund the difference on any misapplied or missed coupons if they were not entered properly when your order was placed.

Non-Editable Files

Please note our graphics sets are not editable. EPS files are not for sale on any of our designs.

Returns, Exchanges & Refunds

Due to the digital nature of this business, returns, exchanges and/or refunds are not available under any circumstances. You are responsible for making sure you have the proper software and tools to download and use your files and that you have read the terms of use and product pages in full.