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How to Add Text & Personalize Instant Download Printable PDF Invitations

Please note: These tips are only applicable to our non-editable fill in the blank printable PDF files. If you are looking for an editable invitation please look for listings that have a blue Corjl logo on them!

We get a lot of questions on how to add text to our instant download printable PDF invitations so we thought a little tutorial was in order! Although we originally created our fill in the blank invites for handwriting your party details, it is super easy to type your own text onto the file. 

First things first - to get started you will need a computer and the latest version of Adobe Reader. Download Reader here:

Next open your file in Reader. We're using our Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations for this example.

On the column on the right hand side click on "Edit PDF" and then "Comment". From here a new toolbar will show up at the top. 

Now click on the "T" on your new toolbar and simply click and start typing where you want to put the text on your invite. Use the "Aa" button on the right to change the font, size & color if you don't have a box automatically pop up with these choices.

Getting everything centered just right can sometimes be tricky. To move your text around click on the box with your wording under the comments section on the right hand side. This will bring a box up around your text and will allow you to move it around. Use the arrow keys on your computer to move right, left, up & down to get your wording into place.

Now repeat these steps for the rest of the text fields. When you get to the end highlight all of your text comments and then go to "edit, copy" at the top toolbar. Then "edit, paste". Now a second set of your wording will appear on the invite. Keep it all grouped together and then drag it over to the second invite. Arrow right, left, up & down again to get it into place.

Tada! Now you are done. Save your file (we recommend "save as" and using a new file name, so you always have a copy of the original file) and then print. We always recommend double checking & proofing your work before printing up and sending out your invites.

This tutorial will also work for any other printable PDF's you receive from us such as our functional planner stickers & thank you cards!